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Literary fiction welcome. Genre fiction welcome. Poetry welcome. Please submit a single story or 3-5 poems in a word file. Please make only one submission at a time and wait to hear from us. We try to respond in the fastest possible time but sometimes it can take up to 90 days. All (unsolicited) submissions must be previously unpublished.

We strongly suggest that you read previous issues from our archive to get an idea of the kind of work we publish.

Also, if you have more basic questions, scroll through the comments on this page.

For us, your cover letter is what you write in your email body. You may want to add a short third-person bio. If there is anything that you think we must know before reading your work, please write that in the cover letter. Please do not submit articles, think pieces, doggerel, fan fiction, memes, artwork, pictures, etc.

If we reject your submission, kindly wait for a period of one month before submitting again.

Writers are completely responsible for the content they place with us. If we find anyone guilty of plagiarism, we will name them on our social handles and write to every other mag we know.