The Bombay Literary Magazine

Learning Malayalam – by Soni Somarajan

Learning Malayalam Manjadithara, Puthupally, 1982 അ On the layer of sand that my forefinger parts, the curvaceous overture begins to reveal an elephant in a line drawing. I taste succulent jungle grass. Say, if I held the shell of the first alphabet close to my ear, would it be a tribute to the mammal’s memory— […]

Three Poems – by Siddharth Dasgupta

The Drunkard of Pattinson Rd. On the radio, something from the 1950s. You know immediately when something’s from the 1950s—the hesitancy of voice, the ire of age; the innocence, nothing more than a photograph wrapped in quatrain, left to the whims of verses dipped in fire. In a city, its eyes the roar of minarets, […]

I Learned to Fish in My Teenage Years – by Sidharth Singh

Back then Papa and I would hop across rocks and boulders along the Tirthan River every morning, with our fishing rods in hand—he had a sleek fly rod and I had an amateur’s spinner. He had just started me on fishing, and we did our lessons before I walked with Madhu to school. A week […]