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Two Poems – by Kevin MacNeil

a’ dèanamh air an t-Seapan ’is mise an t-amadan a’ reic bùrn ri taobh na h-aibhne is mise a’ ghlaoic a tha seasamh ri taobh a’ bhodach-ròcais cò ach dearg amadan a shireadh an inntinn aige air taobh thall an t-saoghail? ach nach eil blas mì-bhlasta a’ bhùirn air tighinn air a’ bheatha seo? nach […]

Three Poems – by Medha Singh

I Hear Father is Dead in Another Country One is as old as the days they remember. Some make us age quicker, better. Some slow in pace: something between a wish and a prayer, something that is both. Some call it hope. It’s not. Light sweeping the white sand, across the cool and quiet sea. […]