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Top Ten Mining Terms You Should Know – by Mandira Pattnaik

#10 bench: floor; usage: On the horizontal bench1050 was the muck—black mounds of illegal coal, and several pie tins clustered in one corner. All them, underground savages, crawled down to depths of upto 4000ft. in the abandoned mine, northern panhandle, Western Meghalaya, through labyrinthine passages dug with basic mining implements—shovels, hammers, pickaxes, and chisels. Its […]

A Family Affair – by Anand Jacob

“This depraved lifestyle is no good, Cattaparthy,” said a voice, and Cattaparthy opened an eye, reconsidered, and shut it again. “Fergof merber,” he said. The visitor, a slim tuxedo cat, sipped from a glass, and tutted. “You won’t last two years. This stuff is not bad at all,” said the cat, sniffing the glass’s amber […]

The Goddess Who Wants Out – by Kritika Pandey

You and I first met on a narrow hospital bed, lying side by side, astounded by the world as well as by each other. Our parents were not friends, just friendly next-door neighbors who were excited at us being born a few days apart in the same hospital. I have often wondered if they switched […]