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Waiting Room – by Angana Sinha Ray

‘Do not be afraid of making mistakes on paper.’ The cursor blinks in apathy. Hot white lights; cold steel trolleys gliding across the polished marble floor in clean diagonals like a carrom board. The lobby swallows sober men infected with orderly panic. There’s a high roof but no room for talk. Some men disappear behind […]

Urvashi Bahuguna – interviewed by Sharanya Manivannan

Terrarium opens on a poem about girls who “had the world at the instep of their sole”, encouraged to run like they mean it by Mr. Joseph, who treated them like he did the boys. It seems to capture so much about what this collection is about: girls and women, connection to the (literal, muddy) […]

Three prose poems – by Poornima Laxmeshwar

Living a dog’s life On the day of Divasi amavasya, Amma breaks a thumri on the transistor, fetches some fresh mud near the tulsi plant with a girl child’s innocence. She makes two idols — Shiva and Parvati — faceless, crude, even genderless. She empties a bowl of coconut oil on my head, saying that […]