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Odar – by M.M. Adjarian

To preserve the format of the poem, we have made it available as PDF. Please click here to access.

Forgotten Voices of Anandur – by John Mueter

The setting is the fictitious hill station of Anandur in the Palani Hills of Tamil Nadu, South India, the Christian cemetery of the congregation of Saint Andrews. Frederick Osbourne (1901-1923) I was young, brimming with enthusiasm for life, eager for adventure. When my uncle, the District Commissioner, invited me to come out to Madras for […]

Three Poems – by Ankush Banerjee

Before the Divorce On their last night together, he finds her naked on the bed, his right hand on her chest, the left slowly probing what he is convinced is the grand canyon of betrayal. For most, love comes in shape of a flute. Or a birthmark resembling forgiveness. She is a black piano standing […]