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Joan of Mazgaon – by Zenisha Gonsalves

Every morning Joan and Gilly wake up before their children do, set the house and day in order, settle down in the balcony with two cups of tea and a newspaper. Joan cuts a loaf of bread and a pair of tomatoes – do tomatoes come in pairs? she wonders – takes the chutney from […]

5 Poems – by Daniel Bennett

The poems below might not have kept Bennett’s original indentations. For the PDF, click this link. * Plantation House Lazy heat on the veranda. Slow crawl of days. Time ripples like white veins through red marble. The ceiling fan slaps a devil mask in beating shadows. The man reads a two-day-old Financial Times, taps ash […]

Another Earth – by Amrendra Pandey

Distant memories approach me – I am looking in a water well, an elephant is plucking peepul leaves in the dense forest, and her mahout is laughing. I am sprinting along narrow past-roads, fields of corns and pulses covered in evening smoke, the villages of many doors and windows. It was my fifth grade when […]