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SHARANYA MANIVANNAN – Interviewed by Tanuj Solanki

Barring a couple of stories, the protagonists in your stories can be said to be in stasis. They end where they begin; or if there is a change, it serves only to make them more conscious of their conflicts, paradoxes. Thought of from a technical viewpoint, stasis is the enemy of plot. What are your [...]

On Lighting Up – by Ranjani Murali

That day, we watched Patchaikili Muthucharam, studying the contours of Sarathkumar’s triceps, while he exclaimed all the while semma body I’m telling you it’s aatukaal soup with extra blood. I had no frame of reference; the only blood I sought was sparse every month and irrevocably stained the satin underwear I bought at the export [...]