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Category: Issue E2 (Gargi, Sarukkai Chabria, Anupama, Datta-Areng, Khubchandani, Karim, Krishnan, Jain, Pandit)

Anti-Body Poem – by Yamini Krishnan

Have you ever tried to slip out of your skin? Not in the way that means sad girls and nights of warped mirrors shoulders shrugging into themselves— this is not a poem about my body. Can a poem secede from the hands that write it? I am welded to myself, to my ones and zeros […]

Some (un)poetic Contiguities – by Mubashir Karim

The tea cup has broken in the shape of your lip – the way people break when nudged by grief. The ink has spilled near the pocket in the shape of a territory – the stain stays – the way an occupier does. The paperback has dog eared around the edges – the way Time […]

Yellow Laddoos – by Balwant Gargi (tr. C. Christine Fair)

Puro was about to leave for the fields when she said to Jangir, “Will you come with me? I’ll give you laddoos to eat.” Jangir had been playing with a soapnut in the lane. He swept up the soapnut, put it in his pocket and set off with Puro. Puro was a young jat girl […]