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Category: Issue D6 (Bagasrawala, Kaloo, Narayanan)

Two Poems – by Priya Narayanan

Stray A stray thought enters my head and ambles across with the nonchalance of cattle let loose by their owner to wreak havoc on the neighbour’s farm. It tramples all other thoughts, and bites off some more that have managed to grow in the crevices of my skull – like plants sprouting out of fantastic […]

Master Ji’s Family – by Younis Kaloo

Fayaz woke up to the tapping sound on the window, crawled up to it, and drew the curtain aside. The soldiers first pointed the torches at him – to be sure it was him and not any militant – and then quickly turned them back on themselves to waste no time in letting the owner of the house know who they were.

Bad People – by Abbas Bagasrawala

‘So have you ever walked in on your mother touching herself’? I hollered through the pistachio-colored door of the bathroom as I dicky-ed around in the medicinal cabinet and in the laundry basket hoping to find something incriminatory, or personal, that might limn precious information about whether or not my friend’s mother was looking for […]