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The Goddess Who Wants Out – by Kritika Pandey

You and I first met on a narrow hospital bed, lying side by side, astounded by the world as well as by each other. Our parents were not friends, just friendly next-door neighbors who were excited at us being born a few days apart in the same hospital. I have often wondered if they switched […]

Waiting Room – by Angana Sinha Ray

‘Do not be afraid of making mistakes on paper.’ The cursor blinks in apathy. Hot white lights; cold steel trolleys gliding across the polished marble floor in clean diagonals like a carrom board. The lobby swallows sober men infected with orderly panic. There’s a high roof but no room for talk. Some men disappear behind […]

चेरी ब्लॉसम – अनुकृति उपाध्याय

उसने अपने कोट के बटन कंठ तक बंद किए और हथेलियाँ रगड़कर गालों पर लगाई। हज़ारों मील और दो मौसमों की दूरी कुछ घंटों में पार, धरती छोड़ी तो मुम्बई का समुद्री पवन और उतरो तो टोक्यो की हिमानी हवा। “टोक्यो के वसंत में आपका स्वागत है”, उतरने से पहले पॉयलट ने घोषणा की थी, […]

Your Side Of The Bed – by Ila Ananya

Yesterday, I watched Ana buy eggs at the chicken shop down the road from our house, and just as I registered the familiar smell of her hair – mint and cucumber, washed thrice a week, always with cold water – I felt her words settle into the bends of my ear canals and say, exactly […]

The Jump – by Rahad Abir

The note reads nakedly: No one is to blame for my action. You leave it sprawled on the table next to the empty coffee cup, put your rimless glasses over it. You are all set. Your wife may not figure out the reason for this action. You made love the night before, after the child […]

Found and Lost in Nationalism! – by Mahbub Talukder (tr. Sarwar Morshed)

The protagonist of this story is Mr. ABC i.e. Abdul Bari Choudhury. He has been residing in the US for a long time. Though seven seas and thirteen rivers away from the homeland, he has genuine feelings for his country. This feeling has dragged him to Bangladesh after a long time. He, however, did not […]