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Hobby – by Bhumika Anand

What Girish knew about having sex with a woman came from spending hours studying his grandfather, the old watchmaker, repair old clocks. Around the time that Girish turned 16, he found that the process of mending something broken and allowing something to chime again fascinated him more than even cricket. There was something soothing about […]

Singapore Girl – by Nabina Das

(From Nabina Das’ soon-to-come short story collection “The House of Twining Roses – Stories of the Mapped and the Unmapped”, LiFi Publications) When Sita stole those clothes, she was sure the old woman wouldn’t know. It was a whim anyway. Sita always did things out of whims. I’m not that type. Rather, the supportive kind. […]

Transit for Beginners – by Rheea Mukherjee

I met him at Changi airport. After a seven hour flight from Tokyo, preceded by an eleven hour flight to Tokyo. My breath was stale and my deodorant had long since given up. Changi was a festival, packed with dazzling places to shop at and strange luxurious things to do. Showers with towel service, a […]

Mother – by Jigar Brahmbhatt

Her absence is the kitchen’s lack of aroma. Back in the day, what seemed to bind their lives from one day to the next was the sweet spicy smell that wafted from the kitchen every morning. There was something inexplicable about it. Spreading from one room to another, it used to fill their home with […]

The Tourist – by Aravind Jayan

The line outside the lunch hall was far too long- out of the weather worn tarpaulin it went, curving at oblique points of chatter and conversation, scattering into a thicket of small and smaller children, and finally into a throng of ladies all clad in starched shades of gold, green or red; men were scant, […]

The Mummy’s Bitter And Melancholy Exile – by Norman Lock

The story was first published in Cranky Literary Journal, and subsequently appeared in Lock’s newest short story collection, Love Among the Particles, published in May, 2013, by Bellevue Literary Press, New York City. Osiris, God of the Dead The Mummy is invited to speak on the radio. He is driven from his apartment house through […]