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Yellow Laddoos – by Balwant Gargi (tr. C. Christine Fair)

Puro was about to leave for the fields when she said to Jangir, “Will you come with me? I’ll give you laddoos to eat.” Jangir had been playing with a soapnut in the lane. He swept up the soapnut, put it in his pocket and set off with Puro. Puro was a young jat girl […]

I Learned to Fish in My Teenage Years – by Sidharth Singh

Back then Papa and I would hop across rocks and boulders along the Tirthan River every morning, with our fishing rods in hand—he had a sleek fly rod and I had an amateur’s spinner. He had just started me on fishing, and we did our lessons before I walked with Madhu to school. A week […]

Selenology – by Apoorva Saini

“In the end, the only stories that loving you brought me were the stories of what it meant to not be loved by you.” — Sharanya Manivannan, Conchology * That evening, the sun was slow to set, the sky cloudless, and the moon—eager. And so it loomed, amid the soft contrails left behind by the […]

Still Water – by Akhilesh

We made the mountains shake with laughter as we played Hiding in our corner of the world Then we did the demon dance and rushed to nevermore Threw away the key and locked the door — Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell * “One more line, boss?” “Two more, motherfucker. And how many times do I […]

Master Ji’s Family – by Younis Kaloo

Fayaz woke up to the tapping sound on the window, crawled up to it, and drew the curtain aside. The soldiers first pointed the torches at him – to be sure it was him and not any militant – and then quickly turned them back on themselves to waste no time in letting the owner of the house know who they were.

Bad People – by Abbas Bagasrawala

‘So have you ever walked in on your mother touching herself’? I hollered through the pistachio-colored door of the bathroom as I dicky-ed around in the medicinal cabinet and in the laundry basket hoping to find something incriminatory, or personal, that might limn precious information about whether or not my friend’s mother was looking for […]