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Category: Issue C6 (Selvaraj, Onkar, Parik)

Three Poems – by Vivekanand Selvaraj

Calvin-in-exile Blue eyes, pupils dilating to the fire creeping up the cigarette butt, sickly yellow hair, swaying in the harsh blonde Beijing wind, Lines on the face, canyons hewn by rapids over the century’s bends, Calvin Palmer, while still alive, wandered the xueyuan’s corridors like a Dybbuk trying to follow rules defining space and smoke, […]

First Names Matter – by Nikita Parik

At an almost-dawn one February, I tell you how my parents had almost named me after a Mahadevi Verma poetry collection (twice) निहार(इका)। नीरजा before the Russians invaded the familial decision-making, and I was christened Никита| Nikita “Funny how poetry finds ways of coming back“, I chime. Like Gulzar and so many others, I want […]

Two Poems – by Deepa Onkar

sky train it’s difficult to say what we are fleeing: the city is far below. on the front seat, people read or sleep, their faces suggest peace. but something dark curls around my shoulders. blue must be the colour of fear. this is my precipice of impressions – twirling tree- tops, billboards. yesterday on the […]