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Category: Issue C5 (Parashar, Chakravarti, Hummel)

Two Poems – by Kathryn Hummel

To preserve formatting, Hummel’s poems have been maintained in a PDF. Click here to access.

Calangute – by Srinjay Chakravarti

CALANGUTE For R.D: In memoriam On the beach, wind-blown tendrils of yellow gritty sand: reminiscent of the joss sticks garlanding your photograph with their tremulous, teary smoke and sickly-sweet fragrance. My five-year-old son decides to delve deep into my past. Hoping to excavate oysters from this Goa beach, he exhumes boyhood memories instead from this […]

Five Poems – by Kunjana Parashar

Cabbage Moth Mother is watching a video about raagi flour and how to knead her way into father’s heart. I’m sure it’s why she makes gooseberry pickles now. I am reading about sloth bears eating mahua flowers. My mind, matryoshka doll-like, forgets things. I am mouthing “ursine”, “scat”, “crepuscular” so I will remember to tell […]