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Category: Issue C3 (McBrearty, Dutta, Rohith)

Three Poems – by Rohith

Premonitions 1 A white room with monitors an otherworldly space in winter I see you from the flip side of the soundproof glass-wall; tubes inserted from every side screens playing an unscripted language in motion. Your body is immobile – but your eyes, they dart in all directions in their yearning to remember – our […]

Still in the Cold… and Wet – by Jenean McBrearty

Tuesday was a typical London day, which is to say, gray and wet. Fairchild Fortesque chose to walk the three blocks from The Victoria Hotel to the Bull Horn Pub, and by the time he stepped into the darkness, wished to hell he’d worn his raincoat. “Who knew a drizzle would turn into a deluge?” […]

Lefting – by Debojit Dutta

When S first walked into the room, I took her for a woman around the age of fifty. Later, when I told her that, she said she would have preferred to look younger, like her younger sister who people said looked at least a decade younger than her actual age. She also clarified that I […]