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Category: Issue C2 (Murali, Iyer, D’costa)

Fish Eyes – by Michelle D’costa

For Mama *** Mom and I talk in the kitchen only. I follow her and say, in English, I miss the Arab fisherman from Marina beach terribly. The joy in your eyes when he caught a fish every Saturday was special. She says in Konkani. Dole pole. She points at the fish eyes. I search […]

Three Poems – by Aishwarya Iyer

The poems can be read in their original format by clicking here

Picked Up Ghazals – by Ranjani Murali

(To access the poem in its original format, please click here) *** I’m going to quit school and join the boy scouts. He ran away when he was fifteen. The sleeper trains used to have green leather seats. The news flash read: Traps are being laid to capture innocent animals and to enslave unsuspecting natives. […]