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Category: Issue C1 (Godara, Kaur Dhaliwal, Katyal)

Four Poems – by Supriya Kaur Dhaliwal

To preserve the format of these poems, we have made them available in a downloadable Pdf. To open the Pdf, please click here

Two Poems – by Akhil Katyal

When Shammi Kapoor slides down the snow in Junglee, shouting ‘Yahoo’, they tell you it’s Kashmir but it is actually Kufri, near Shimla. When Ranbir Kapoor climbs up the snow in YJHD, all moon-struck, they tell you it’s Manali but it is actually Gulmarg, in Kashmir. So we’ve always got it wrong – grand-uncle or […]

Roseburn Sleeps At Night – by Nandini Godara

If you’re wondering who we are, let me unravel the mystery. We are the untethered children of those that live rich, tethered lives. Filled with reckless desire, unlimited ambition and thriving delusions. The unwilling bearer of it all? The place we grew up in and never grew out of – Roseburn – the perfect little […]