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Category: Issue B8 (Roy, Lai-Ming Ho, Singh)

First Public Fighting, After Dark – by Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

i. Almost always, I think of you fondly. Like: clouds think of rain; Like: words think of sentences; Like: women think of orgasms. ii. But sometimes, dead from the shoulders down when we aggressively silently—Chomskily— protest to one another: You’re wrong. You lie. We wonder if others notice. They must. Our animosity obvious as the […]

Review of Mihir Vatsa’s WINGMAN – by Medha Singh

Recently, a combined bundle of chapbooks by Mihir Vatsa, Nandini Dhar, Usha Akella, Manjiri Indurkar and Arjun Rajendran were released through Vayavya and Aainanagar at an event ‘Reading Five: An Evening of Poetry’ at Moti Lal Nehru college. It was a refreshing visit, that took me back to my college days when we, as English […]

Rongtong – by Sumana Roy

The houses protrude from the hills like buck teeth. But this is no mouth. It’s like Siliguri’s rolled-up sleeve. Pink, yellow, anaemic blue – the houses, the molars. They’re like leaves, competing for light. I notice their stillness, how they never shiver from the cold. The windows rattle, I know, though I can’t hear them […]