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Category: Issue B6 (Pandit, Khandkar, Joshi)

At the Cafés of Your Memory – by Huzaifa Pandit

Faiz, what befell the fellow travelers of late last night? Where did the morning breeze halt? Where did morning alight? Faiz Ahmed Faiz * At an avant-garde café in uptown Pune, the reserved tables celebrate a teenager’s birthday in cosmopolitan English. My nearly dead phone flares up with a call from home: My mother laments […]

//a mug hung around their necks like the curse of Ashwaththama// – by Abhijit Khandkar

An overturned anda-bhurji cart of a hawker during a riot. She who had borrowed money to set up this stall brought in twelve crates of eggs for the day, freshly baked loafs of bread, 5 kilo onions wholesale and few cheap refined-oil cans by selling all the clothes she owns except the sari that she […]

The Birth – by Anushka Joshi

It was February when we wheeled my sister into the hospital, her eyes shut close with pain. There was always someone touching her hair, her hand, always someone telling her that it would be alright, everything would be fine, but also sobbing as they said it, while she drifted in and out of consciousness. The […]