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Category: Issue B5 (Gole, Laxmeshwar, Mukherjee)

A Crow Named Black – by Debasri Mukherjee

Aww! Sweet! That’s my boy. Kill. Kill. Kill…No, no, no… it’s pecking his eyes out… Yess! Grabbed it by the neck. Now one snap and the head’s off, rainbow neck and plumage an’ all. I think it’s time to land on the nearest branch. A few of my brothers might be on the lookout too. […]

On Language – by Kanan Gole

To play a sound recording of the poem (recommended), click here. * Over a cup of chaha, I stumbled over words through a conversation in a Marathi influenced by the American tongue. My relatives and friends listened their faces falling and at that moment in that conversation the distance between us was much further than […]

Call From Kyoto – by Poornima Laxmeshwar

When the phone doesn’t stop ringing, I excuse myself from the meeting room; watch the rain create a rhythm that fails to touch me beyond the sound-proof glass I have collected two seasons since the last time you called the tremble in your voice seeks familiarity Konnichiwa you say in an uneasy whisper language has […]