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Category: Issue B2 (Patri, Nanda, Mukherjee)

City Life – by Anirban Nanda

Visualise: A bus. Of white colour, with two sky-blue stripes just below the roof and another two just above the wheels. On the white surface under the windows, Barasat to Botanical Garden is written in red, in Bengali. The road on which it is moving is not entirely smooth, and not without potholes. Therefore, while […]

The Girl Who Kissed Shah Rukh Khan – by Rheea Mukherjee

Chances are you’ve seen my girlfriend. In that tangerine spaghetti strapped shirt. Her hand cupping the stubble on Shah Rukh Khan’s chin. Her shiny straight hair hitting the sharpness of her jaw, her lips puckered and pushed out to meet his gaunt cheeks. Shah Rukh stared back at the camera, poker-fucking straight. If you looked […]

Canned Life – by Ajay Patri

We stood in front of the digital display, staring at the screen space beside the number of our flight. Our flight was delayed. ‘Yes?’ Avni asked me, nudging my hip with an elbow. ‘Yes.’ ‘I knew it.’ ‘No, you didn’t.’ ‘I did. I knew something like this would happen.’ She glared at me. There was […]