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Category: Issue A8 (Bhattathiri, Uniyal, Banumathi)

Nallamma – by Iniyavan Banumathi

To preserve the format, we’ve made Nallamma available on this link

Beloved K – by Aditi Uniyal

* I have dug knives in your shoulders carefully, and they are still trying to go deeper into your warm flesh- I am sorry, dear, but I don’t know if I can remove all of them without spilling any more blood than what already runs off the valleys of your back. I have shot at […]

The Biggest Enemy of Rain – by Manu Bhattathiri

Contrary to popular belief, the biggest enemy of rain is not the rapid felling of trees. Nor is it rising global temperatures, industrialization, the burning of fossil fuels or even that telltale hole in the sky. The single biggest enemy of rain is a person by the name of Gopi and he still lives in […]