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Category: Issue A6 (Swinney, Jain, Chitre)

कोई नज़्म लिखो – by Saurabh Jain

नज़्म लिखो , बेशुमार लिखो पर उससे बदलाव की उम्मीद मत रखो तुम्हे लगेगा तुमने बड़ी बात कह दी है तुमने ही अगली क्रांति की नीव रख दी है बस तुम्हारी इस नज़्म से अंधकार जल जाएगा और अगले ही दिन सब बदल जाएगा ये बातें बेशक सच्ची नहीं है, और ये ग़लतफ़हमी भी अच्छी […]

Lost Rickshaws – by Mihir Chitre

* She says nothing, and how. The radio plays a dirge for December. Then when walking was going from verse to worse in the hay of our years, she infiltrated the moonlight in my beers. My toothpaste wasted on her charcoal lips. The things I could do were few and the things I couldn’t fewer. […]

The Menace at the Gate – by Janet H. Swinney

Her period refused to come. She lay in turmoil beneath the ineffectual ceiling fan. No position brought relief from the heat. After days of tossing and turning and lying in limp sheets, her shoulders and her buttocks were disfigured by the blemishes served up by prickly heat, and the monsoon was still an age away. […]