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Category: Issue A7 (D’Costa, Rabas, D’Souza)

Silence – By Michelle D’Costa

You cannot believe it is time for her to leave. Fifteen years. Really? You were only ten when she started working for your family, probably her first expat family. She had worked for local families before yours, you know. She seemed like every other nanny your parents had hired, when she worked only part-time. Only […]

Two poems – by Kevin Rabas

Sally on Tambourine I taught Sally how to hit her tambourine on 2 and 4. So many pink people hit on 1 and 3. And she could sing like birds: like nightingale, like whippoorwill, like western meadowlark, her voice so pure, like dawn-light, like twilight, like golden vegas, streams of light, golden fingers from the […]

How Do I Remember Thee? – by Dion D’Souza

Notes on Arun Sagar’s Anamnesia Arun’s Sagar’s debut collection of poems, Anamnesia, opens with the image of a lake. At the end of the poem, the narrator, overwhelmed by ‘the ache/of vistas’ and much like the empty ‘concrete bowl’ before him, waits eagerly and with peaceful resignation—in his case, for a flood of memories and […]