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Category: Issue A5 (Jayan, Masood, Rajendran)

Love in a Small Town – by Aravind Jayan

When Colonel Aravindan Nair took him out back to the great grounds bordering his rubber estate, Panikker assumed that it was to show him the site of the prospective wedding. He expected the Colonel to stretch his brawny arms and say, ‘A tent this big’ or stomp his foot and proclaim, ‘lunch for a thousand […]

With Love, Vincent – by Momina Masood

(A reimagining of a day in the life of Vincent van Gogh) * My dear Theo… The moon shines with a vengeance tonight, dear brother, but no I must not worry you. Yes, it sounds lovely, and I have always loved words. The sound they make. Like wind chimes, the rustle of wheat fields, the […]

Interviewing a Beetroot – by Arjun Rajendran

To preserve the format, here is the linked pdf with the poem. Interviewing a Beetroot_TBLM