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Three Poems – by Rohith

Premonitions 1 A white room with monitors an otherworldly space in winter I see you from the flip side of the soundproof glass-wall; tubes inserted from every side screens playing an unscripted language in motion. Your body is immobile – but your eyes, they dart in all directions in their yearning to remember – our […]

Fish Eyes – by Michelle D’costa

For Mama *** Mom and I talk in the kitchen only. I follow her and say, in English, I miss the Arab fisherman from Marina beach terribly. The joy in your eyes when he caught a fish every Saturday was special. She says in Konkani. Dole pole. She points at the fish eyes. I search […]

Three Poems – by Aishwarya Iyer

The poems can be read in their original format by clicking here

Picked Up Ghazals – by Ranjani Murali

(To access the poem in its original format, please click here) *** I’m going to quit school and join the boy scouts. He ran away when he was fifteen. The sleeper trains used to have green leather seats. The news flash read: Traps are being laid to capture innocent animals and to enslave unsuspecting natives. […]

Four Poems – by Supriya Kaur Dhaliwal

To preserve the format of these poems, we have made them available in a downloadable Pdf. To open the Pdf, please click here

Two Poems – by Akhil Katyal

When Shammi Kapoor slides down the snow in Junglee, shouting ‘Yahoo’, they tell you it’s Kashmir but it is actually Kufri, near Shimla. When Ranbir Kapoor climbs up the snow in YJHD, all moon-struck, they tell you it’s Manali but it is actually Gulmarg, in Kashmir. So we’ve always got it wrong – grand-uncle or […]