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Two poems – by Nabanita Kanungo

SEASON Death is a sure scent beyond the compound and his season has arrived about a month ago. There are no cats in the vicinity. Only a dangerous number of young dogs. The regular mate isn’t around. Her owner has taken her away on a holiday. One day, his risks at luring someone else paid [...]

Two Poems – by Suhit Kelkar

Isosceles Majesty It fluttered into sight, forming ripples on the night’s cool surface – a faint beacon of grey, the outlines blending. It settled on the doorframe, within reach of my tiny palms, and I caught a glimpse of a plump body tapering to a pointy end. It would have been merely incongruous without the [...]

Beds – by Harnidh Kaur

Four corners of a sheet tucked in haphazardly, little island of certainty for when the floor wobbles and the roof stares down at your eyes, a game of blink with stakes too high to forfeit – empty eggshells of unmade memories, ghost limbs curved into clammy folds, piled upon each other, want braided into need, [...]

Two Poems – by Mihir Chitre

Study Leave There is one tubelight in the hall and the windows, whose glasses are either broken or sold off, give away more than they should. I am studying the adjective clause but can’t find one to describe my father. What is it that he will blame my mother for tonight before thrashing her against [...]

कोई नज़्म लिखो – by Saurabh Jain

नज़्म लिखो , बेशुमार लिखो पर उससे बदलाव की उम्मीद मत रखो तुम्हे लगेगा तुमने बड़ी बात कह दी है तुमने ही अगली क्रांति की नीव रख दी है बस तुम्हारी इस नज़्म से अंधकार जल जाएगा और अगले ही दिन सब बदल जाएगा ये बातें बेशक सच्ची नहीं है, और ये ग़लतफ़हमी भी अच्छी [...]

Lost Rickshaws – by Mihir Chitre

* She says nothing, and how. The radio plays a dirge for December. Then when walking was going from verse to worse in the hay of our years, she infiltrated the moonlight in my beers. My toothpaste wasted on her charcoal lips. The things I could do were few and the things I couldn’t fewer. [...]