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On Language – by Kanan Gole

To play a sound recording of the poem (recommended), click here. * Over a cup of chaha, I stumbled over words through a conversation in a Marathi influenced by the American tongue. My relatives and friends listened their faces falling and at that moment in that conversation the distance between us was much further than [...]

Call From Kyoto – by Poornima Laxmeshwar

When the phone doesn’t stop ringing, I excuse myself from the meeting room; watch the rain create a rhythm that fails to touch me beyond the sound-proof glass I have collected two seasons since the last time you called the tremble in your voice seeks familiarity Konnichiwa you say in an uneasy whisper language has [...]

Two Poems – by Biswamit Dwibedy

To preserve formatting, the poems are available for reading in PDF. Click Two Poems

Two Poems – by Manjiri Indurkar

Diabetes at a Birthday Party On a channel, a day late in celebrating Lata Mangeshkar’s birthday, plays a song where Sadhana promises to haunt her lover and Ma pierces a needle in her large stomach pushing insulin into her body diabetes, she reminds me, will eat your bones. if you ever look at pictures of [...]

A Sense of Leaving – by Arun Sagar

To preserve formatting, the poem is available for reading in PDF. Click A Sense Of Leaving – Arun Sagar

How to Enter a Poem – by Abbas Bagasrawala

To preserve formatting, the poem is available for reading in PDF. Click How To Enter A Poem