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Category: Poetry

Two Poems – by Manjiri Indurkar

Diabetes at a Birthday Party On a channel, a day late in celebrating Lata Mangeshkar’s birthday, plays a song where Sadhana promises to haunt her lover and Ma pierces a needle in her large stomach pushing insulin into her body diabetes, she reminds me, will eat your bones. if you ever look at pictures of [...]

A Sense of Leaving – by Arun Sagar

To preserve formatting, the poem is available for reading in PDF. Click A Sense Of Leaving – Arun Sagar

How to Enter a Poem – by Abbas Bagasrawala

To preserve formatting, the poem is available for reading in PDF. Click How To Enter A Poem

Two poems – by Nabanita Kanungo

SEASON Death is a sure scent beyond the compound and his season has arrived about a month ago. There are no cats in the vicinity. Only a dangerous number of young dogs. The regular mate isn’t around. Her owner has taken her away on a holiday. One day, his risks at luring someone else paid [...]

Two Poems – by Suhit Kelkar

Isosceles Majesty It fluttered into sight, forming ripples on the night’s cool surface – a faint beacon of grey, the outlines blending. It settled on the doorframe, within reach of my tiny palms, and I caught a glimpse of a plump body tapering to a pointy end. It would have been merely incongruous without the [...]

Beds – by Harnidh Kaur

Four corners of a sheet tucked in haphazardly, little island of certainty for when the floor wobbles and the roof stares down at your eyes, a game of blink with stakes too high to forfeit – empty eggshells of unmade memories, ghost limbs curved into clammy folds, piled upon each other, want braided into need, [...]