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Category: 2. Poetry

Dead Actors – by Arun Paria

Dead Actors Dead actors keep appearing on TV, no older than the morning bread. As if the episode had only been shot yesterday; its movements, oeuvre, talking points saved in memory’s freezer without remembering it’s 2019 already. Chief Inspector Morse is nineteen years gone. But Chief Inspector Morse has died before my eyes. His drinking, […]

Two Poems – by Kevin MacNeil

a’ dèanamh air an t-Seapan ’is mise an t-amadan a’ reic bùrn ri taobh na h-aibhne is mise a’ ghlaoic a tha seasamh ri taobh a’ bhodach-ròcais cò ach dearg amadan a shireadh an inntinn aige air taobh thall an t-saoghail? ach nach eil blas mì-bhlasta a’ bhùirn air tighinn air a’ bheatha seo? nach […]

Three Poems – by Medha Singh

I Hear Father is Dead in Another Country One is as old as the days they remember. Some make us age quicker, better. Some slow in pace: something between a wish and a prayer, something that is both. Some call it hope. It’s not. Light sweeping the white sand, across the cool and quiet sea. […]

Two Poems – by Anirban Dam

Erosion (To preserve the format of the poem, we have made it available in a PDF document. Please click here to access.) * Eviction And so it begins, the slow and weary process of eviction. Names, faces, sounds, facades, all stacked up like souvenirs waiting for their turn, hoping to survive another cycle. Time and […]

Two Poems – by Satya Dash

(To preserve the format of the poems, we have made them available in a PDF document. Please click here to access.)

Two Poems – by Radhika Shah

Hello, Brother (A reflection of Zubair Ahmed’s poem of the same name) Sometimes during quiet summer afternoons when everyone is asleep, I sit at your desk. They took away your half of the bunk-bed anyway. Aai still calls your name in our empty house and Papa sits very still. I think he pretends not to […]