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Review of Mihir Vatsa’s WINGMAN – by Medha Singh

Recently, a combined bundle of chapbooks by Mihir Vatsa, Nandini Dhar, Usha Akella, Manjiri Indurkar and Arjun Rajendran were released through Vayavya and Aainanagar at an event ‘Reading Five: An Evening of Poetry’ at Moti Lal Nehru college. It was a refreshing visit, that took me back to my college days when we, as English […]

Wound, Therapy & Vigilance in Sophia Naz’s Poetry – by Uttaran Das Gupta

Very early in Sophia Naz’s Pointillism we encounter the poem “Chappan Churri”, about one Janaki Bai who was stabbed fifty-six (chappan, in Urdu/Hindu) times by a jilted lover, but survived. While this is a comment on the sort of violently obsessive love glamorised in films such as Darr (1993), Raanjhanaa (2013) and others, it is […]

How Do I Remember Thee? – by Dion D’Souza

Notes on Arun Sagar’s Anamnesia Arun’s Sagar’s debut collection of poems, Anamnesia, opens with the image of a lake. At the end of the poem, the narrator, overwhelmed by ‘the ache/of vistas’ and much like the empty ‘concrete bowl’ before him, waits eagerly and with peaceful resignation—in his case, for a flood of memories and […]

A Review of Mohit Parikh’s ‘Manan’ – by Mihir Vatsa

Manan by Mohit Parikh Harper, 2014 Rs. 199 A Review Mihir Vatsa To Start With, He closes his eyes and finds today’s date floating towards him. Shimmering in the darkness, swiveling— like the text on the Windows 95 screensaver. It seeps in through his forehead and gets absorbed. 23-04-98 is now a part of him. […]

The Infinite Capacity for Illusion – by Riku Sayuj

Whither The Magic? One Hundred Years of Solitude is one of my favorite novels. Which is why, when I started reading Love in the Time of Cholera, one of the things I noticed immediately was the lack of that subtle brand of magic that I had so enjoyed. I wanted it badly and went around […]