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Category: Issue A4 (Khan, Kashyap, Dhar)

Our Bindu Didimoni – by Nandini Dhar

Bindu Didimoni, as everyone called her in our small town, had spent her life punishing high school girls. For thirty years and more, she had worked as the headmistress of Kanaklata Memorial Girls’ High School, the one and only institution of basic public education for girls in our town. Kneeling down with our hands held […]

Boundaries – by Neera Kashyap

summer garbage below stench rises like yeast to this fourth floor trap I strip, circle a dot on a map a different heat rises the Tao says enjoy your food, your family your garden, your neighbor – I hear roosters crow in another country I am bound to you, I said I am bound to […]

Jeena – by Madiha Khan

Girl came to me in a dream and a ugly mark on her chest made me weep with beauty and look at this you see there are ways in the world where brownness of skin makes a boy (ahmed) weep because he is afraid of acknowledging his own brownness even though he listens to wiz […]