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Category: Issue A3 (Perur, Rajendran, Singh)

sketches – by Medha Singh

sisyphus at nizamuddin. the veiled sadness on a man’s face as he brings in one hand a bucket of dirty utensils, and in another the weight of the earth. sunlight drops on us like a curtain. the earth is spliced by a sunday. watch these men go about their lives the same way for years, […]

Two Poems – by Arjun Rajendran

Hotel Lobby: Sultanahmet Istanbul After the mosque and the church, some chestnuts, after the rain— every drop a passport to misery— we return to a room not housekept. As we wait, we’re offered Turkish tea and Apple tea. The family next to us is, we learn, from Germany. Well, they’re Iraqis from Germany. We’re Indians […]

Srinath Perur – interviewed by Mohit Parikh

We at TBLM have long felt the lack of a certain kind of conversation in the Indian literary discourse. There are interviews, yes, but these tend to be promotional in nature, and a writer generally makes appearances around a book launch. That is perhaps a necessity. But the writer interview, one that focuses on the […]