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SHARANYA MANIVANNAN – Interviewed by Tanuj Solanki [2]

We first interviewed Sharanya Manivannan after the publication of her short story collection, The High Priestess Never Marries. That interview can be read here. This interview was done in the light of her recent poetry collection, The Altar of the Only World. * The world ‘Only’ in your title: should we pause on it? Sita, […]

Deepti Kapoor – interviewed by Michelle D’Costa

This interview was conducted by e-mail. It is about Deepti Kapoor’s novel A Bad Character, first published by Penguin Random House, 2014. Summary of the novel (from Goodreads) A highly charged fiction debut about a young woman in India, and the love that both shatters and transforms her. She is twenty, restless in New Delhi. […]

SHARANYA MANIVANNAN – Interviewed by Tanuj Solanki

Barring a couple of stories, the protagonists in your stories can be said to be in stasis. They end where they begin; or if there is a change, it serves only to make them more conscious of their conflicts, paradoxes. Thought of from a technical viewpoint, stasis is the enemy of plot. What are your […]

Rheea Mukherjee — interviewed by TBLM Staff

First of all, let me congratulate you on compiling a collection of short stories. It is still a beautiful moment when a writer makes their debut. Your collection, ‘Transit for Beginners,’ due in March 2016, contains stories that you’ve placed in various litmags in India and outside. We are happy to inform our readers that […]

Anees Salim – interviewed by TBLM Staff

* Anees Salim is one of the most prominent and critically acclaimed novelists in India today. He has published four novels, namely The Vicks Mango Tree, Tales From A Vending Machine, Vanity Bagh, and The Blind Lady’s Descendants. Of these, Vanity Bagh won the The Hindu Literary Prize in 2013 and The Blind Lady’s Descendants […]

SRINATH PERUR – Interviewed by Mohit Parikh

We at TBLM have long felt the lack of a certain kind of conversation in the Indian literary discourse. There are interviews, yes, but these tend to be promotional in nature, and a writer generally makes appearances around a book launch. That is perhaps a necessity. But the writer interview, one that focuses on the […]