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Category: Issue A2 (Huchu, Chitre, Mahoney)

An Email on Sunday – by Donal Mahoney

An Email on Sunday Some emails are more difficult to receive from a child long out of college the daughter who writes her cancer is back but the doctor says with chemo and surgery things should be fine and all the while the father wonders why she didn’t call at midnight and let the telephone […]

Two Poems – by Mihir Chitre

Varanasi, December 2014 You unwelcomed me with fog on a blinding night hurrying into history like the feet of your ghaats As I crawl up the rickety slope of your refrigerated afternoon I am spiral and backward in time’s forsaken bedroom where chaste Hindi adulterates several slips of tongues and the languid orality of people […]

A Perfect Pair of Feet – by Tendai Huchu

I watched Murenga sleep wearing a slight frown on his face, both hands tightly gripping the duvet, half of which lay on the floor on his side. He was a furnace and, even with the thermostat turned down, I felt the heat radiating from his sweat-soaked side of the bed. His legs were restless, twitching […]