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Category: Issue A1 (Keramitas, Garni, Sarraju)

The Art of Flight – by Dimitri Keramitas

It came down to a slip of paper, an official form: A-354. If André had been a clochard, a homeless bum, it wouldn’t have mattered. Paris’ so-called free spirits, as liberated as any dog (except those they leash around), were notorious for not caring for regulation. Freezing on a slab of sidewalk in winter they’d […]

Poema – by Upasana Sarraju

I (or The End Of Life) You talk sad. I talk expensive. Potato tart appetisers are rare. Baby shrimp are rare. But you dog! It is true. I am hungry. Goodbye my waiter! It is closing time. * II (or It Is The Nature of The Weightless To Soar) Inside I am blue. You are […]

Two Poems – by Ricky Garni

ADDING AND SUBTRACTING I always loved math, but was terrible at it. Even now, when I see cars coming towards me, it reminds me of these feelings and how I am glad I have them, and then sorry to have them, and then happy, and how there are two cars coming towards me, then three, […]