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Category: Issue 9 (Gaudry, Mukherjee, Kashyap)

The American – by Molly Gaudry

The story was first published in UpRightDown; also anthologized in Best of the Web 2009, edited by Lee K. Abbott They lunch at L’olivier, and during her first glass A– says, There was a tourist. Of course there was, D– chides, her disgust for tourists as palpable as the crème brûlée she abuses with her […]

No Town for Love – by Neera Kashyap

While a smooth curving flyover on the national highway cleanly bypassed the town of Moradabad, if one had to go there, it had to be with purpose. The unending markets on either side of the congested roads screamed with the clamor of commerce. Motor workshops jostled easily with shops processing grain and pulses, gur and […]

Keeping Pace – by Rheea Mukherjee

I was the first woman in his life, she, the most recent. Apart from him, the other thing we had in common was running. I’d finished one full and three half marathons. She was attempting her first 10k. The type of distance that becomes an accessory. She was the type of artist that makes a […]