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Category: Issue 8 (Naik, Brahmbhatt, Vatsa)

A Review of Mohit Parikh’s ‘Manan’ – by Mihir Vatsa

Manan by Mohit Parikh Harper, 2014 Rs. 199 A Review Mihir Vatsa To Start With, He closes his eyes and finds today’s date floating towards him. Shimmering in the darkness, swiveling— like the text on the Windows 95 screensaver. It seeps in through his forehead and gets absorbed. 23-04-98 is now a part of him. […]

Because If Nothing Matters – by Jigar Brahmbhatt

It didn’t occur to me till much later that Joe had stopped coming to the library. I used to go to the British Council library regularly, and had chatted with him a couple of times. Now I had often met curious people before but he was the most eccentric among the lot. The kind that […]

Hope That He Hears – by Prashila Naik

You are secretly in love with your cousin. Every vacation, in your grandmother’s house, you watch him grow a few more inches, and of late display a few more sprouts of hair. You marvel at how his voice is better than that of any boy you have heard. You also marvel at how he can […]