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Category: Issue 7 (Anand, Deka, Jayan)

The Tourist – by Aravind Jayan

The line outside the lunch hall was far too long- out of the weather worn tarpaulin it went, curving at oblique points of chatter and conversation, scattering into a thicket of small and smaller children, and finally into a throng of ladies all clad in starched shades of gold, green or red; men were scant, […]

Fault – by Gaurav Deka

During the days we met, the rains were light. The mushrooms behind the house had weeded brown and you had said how sitting by them I looked like the boy who came out of water in a certain book you had read recently. On Fridays, you came early with a polythene packet knit gently around […]

Hobby – by Bhumika Anand

What Girish knew about having sex with a woman came from spending hours studying his grandfather, the old watchmaker, repair old clocks. Around the time that Girish turned 16, he found that the process of mending something broken and allowing something to chime again fascinated him more than even cricket. There was something soothing about […]