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Category: Issue 6 (Yadav, Kambarami, Cosmo)

The Faraway Things – by Kushinga Kambarami

A Piki Tup garbage van rattles past Kero as she winces at the four-inch face of her phone. The familiar odour of rotting trash wafts into her nostrils. She frowns, looks up, curbs an urge to spit, then down again. She quickly finds her place in the text message she is re-reading. It confounds her […]

The Balance in Silence – by Kulpreet Yadav

I watch the tide of a new morning in the pallor of the curtains against the pane of the bedroom window. Except for the birds on the mango tree outside and an occasional vehicle that honks on the stray dogs, there is no sound. Nothing has changed while we slept. A morning person, I look […]

Equal – by Lepota L. Cosmo

Equal between amber and blue eyes seven warriors of thistle and heat of the sun as three hummingbirds in your eyelashes. ***