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Category: Issue 2 (Brahmbhatt, Mukherjee, Parikh)

Dream of the Butterfly – by Jigar Brahmbhatt

I am writing this. I want to keep writing something. I had started with something, thought of reaching somewhere. The tea is over, and it has managed to leave behind its stench in my breath. Cold is getting worse as evening is approaching… I can’t write anymore. Few words here and there and I start […]

Transit for Beginners – by Rheea Mukherjee

I met him at Changi airport. After a seven hour flight from Tokyo, preceded by an eleven hour flight to Tokyo. My breath was stale and my deodorant had long since given up. Changi was a festival, packed with dazzling places to shop at and strange luxurious things to do. Showers with towel service, a […]

Amy and the Question of Before – by Mohit Parikh

What do you do before you do? This is a zen koan. I invented it. I was masturbating or was about to masturbate when I invented it. Actually, it is preposterously wrong to say I invented it. Nobody invents a koan, it just pops into your head. For more than an hour I grappled with […]