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Category: Issue 4 (Seshasayee, Lock, Shingrani)

An Amorphous Voyage of Fleeting Seeds – by Rahul Shingrani

Life came to us at that cusp of infinite void, the edge of the sun’s reach. It was a sudden awakening, though awakening might mean that we had been sleeping, been alive. We were never alive, both Kreetin and I. Till the time our star-hopping vessel passed the heliosphere at the edge of solar system, […]

The Mummy’s Bitter And Melancholy Exile – by Norman Lock

The story was first published in Cranky Literary Journal, and subsequently appeared in Lock’s newest short story collection, Love Among the Particles, published in May, 2013, by Bellevue Literary Press, New York City. Osiris, God of the Dead The Mummy is invited to speak on the radio. He is driven from his apartment house through […]

The Absentee – by Rohini Manyam Seshasayee

Gauri sat nervously in the lobby of a high end salon, clutching the bridal package voucher that her mother had sent her with. A few minutes later, the receptionist let her know that the beautician was ready. Eyebrows would be dealt with first. The beautician held the ends of the thread in her mouth and […]