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Category: Issue 3 (Larson, Valjan, Knox)

Preexisting Conditions – by Richard Larson

“Are you ready to go?” Kristine asks, unballing a pair of her pantyhose. Jack shakes his dreadlocked head and scrabbles around in the ashtray. He comes up with a nug of weed between his fingers. He carries it like a saint’s toenail over to the table, to the improvised bong. Last night, after they fought, […]

Exile – by Gabriel Valjan

Exile was first published in Issue 17 of >kill author. For my namesake El desterrado es ese tipo de persona que ha perdido a su amante y busca en cada rostro nuevo el rostro querido y, siempre autoengañándose, piensa que lo ha encontrado. The exile is the type of person who, having lost the Beloved, […]

Gasoline – by Jen Knox

My TV, computer and spare cash left with Laura. She’d visited her favorite shoe store with my Visa and used the back of the receipt to write a Dear Jude note. Her handwriting was precise. It explained that she would be moving to Arkansas to live with Gustav, some guy she met online, and would […]