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Category: Issue 1 (Miller, Das, Brahmbhatt)

This Place can be Beautiful Again – by Alex Miller

I sat by the river, on a damp log half-buried in mud, and watched how the yellow finger of water wound its way through the city, past gutters and factories and underneath bridges, and it smelled like the worst thing in the world. Whenever I read a poem or whatever about rivers, it’s always about […]

Singapore Girl – by Nabina Das

(From Nabina Das’ soon-to-come short story collection “The House of Twining Roses – Stories of the Mapped and the Unmapped”, LiFi Publications) When Sita stole those clothes, she was sure the old woman wouldn’t know. It was a whim anyway. Sita always did things out of whims. I’m not that type. Rather, the supportive kind. […]

Mother – by Jigar Brahmbhatt

Her absence is the kitchen’s lack of aroma. Back in the day, what seemed to bind their lives from one day to the next was the sweet spicy smell that wafted from the kitchen every morning. There was something inexplicable about it. Spreading from one room to another, it used to fill their home with […]