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Issue #24

At the Cafés of Your Memory by Huzaifa Pandit

Huzaifa Pandit was born and raised in Kashmir. He is pursuing a PhD on “Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Agha Shahid Ali and Mahmoud Darwish – Poetics of Resistance” at University of Kashmir. His poems, translations, essays and papers have been published in various journals like Indian Literature, PaperCuts, Life and Legends, Punch and Noble/Gas qtrly. He is fond of Urdu poetry, Urdu and old Bollywood music, and hopes to publish a book of his translations soon.

//a mug hung around their necks like the curse of Ashwaththama// by Abhijit Khandkar

Abhijit Khandkar is a doctor by profession who writes prescriptions by the day and poetry by night. He is also the co-founder of ‘The Rhyme Republic’, a poetry group based in both India and Pakistan. He writes to fill an inner void, fails spectacularly at that. He swears by Sahir Ludhianvi’s work, and can be found humming, ‘Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaaye toh kya hai’ at odd hours of the day.

The Birth by Anushka Joshi

Anushka Joshi is a second year college student at Sarah Lawrence College. Her first book of poems, If Time Thinks, was published in 2015. After high school, she took time off before joining college in order to hone her writing skills. She recently wrote a series of short stories on Ahmedabad, her hometown in India, focusing mainly on the 2002 riots and the impact they had (or failed to have) on people.