Current Issue

Issue #26

Rongtong by Sumana Roy

Sumana Roy’s first book, How I Became a Tree, a work of non-fiction, was published in 2017. Her first novel, Missing, is out now. (The poem, ‘Rongtong’, is part of a series on the Hill Cart Road.)

First Public Fighting, After Dark by Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Tammy Lai-Ming Ho is a founding co-editor of Cha: An Asian Literary Journal and the academic journal Hong Kong Studies (Chinese University Press), English Editor of Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine, and a Vice President of PEN Hong Kong. She has co-edited several poetry anthologies, including Desde Hong Kong: Poets in Conversation with Octavio Paz, Quixotica: Poems East of La Mancha, and Twin Cities: An Anthology of Twin Cinema from Singapore and Hong Kong. Her first poetry collection is Hula Hooping (Chameleon) and she is a recipient of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council’s Young Artist Award in Literary Arts. She is an Assistant Professor at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Review of Mihir Vatsa’s WINGMAN by Medha Singh

​Medha Singh is a poet from New Delhi. Her first collection of poems Ecdysis (2017) has been published by Poetrywala, Mumbai. Her poems have previously appeared​ or are forthcoming​ in Nether,​ Coldnoon,​ Muse India, The Bombay Literary Magazine, The Journal of the Poetry Society, Indian Cultural Forum, Hakara,​ Stag Hill Literary Journal (UK)​ and several others. Her poems are forthcoming in the Sahitya Akademi (The Indian Academy of Letters) and Red Hen​ (US)​ anthologies of Contemporary Indian Writing. Her interests range widely, between philosophy, photography, cinema, music and painting, owed largely to filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky. She is former Editor-at-Large at Coldnoon. She holds a Masters degree in English Literature from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.