Current Issue

Issue #45

Five Poems by William Doreski

William Doreski has published three critical studies and several collections of poetry. His work has appeared in many print and online journals. He has taught at Emerson College, Goddard College, Boston University, and Keene State College. His most recent book is Stirring the Soup. (

Selenology by Apoorva Saini

Apoorva is a fiction writer from Rajasthan, India. She has a Masters degree in Literary Arts (Creative Writing) from Ambedkar University, Delhi. Currently, she works as a Writing Tutor at Centre for Writing and Communication, Ashoka University. Apoorva is also the founder and editor of an online magazine for short fiction called The Bilingual Window.

Still Water by Akhilesh

Akhilesh is from Vizag and is currently based in Bangalore. He has been an avid reader of horror fiction since he was a child, with Clive Barker and Lovecraft leading to many nights of sleeping with the lights on.