Current Issue

Issue #25

Church of Our Lady of Good Health by Sabari Nathan (tr. Vivekanand Selvaraj)

Sabari is an important and refreshing voice in the Tamil poetry scene. He has published two anthologies – Kalam kaalam aattam (time space game) and vaal (tail) – both critically acclaimed, and has also translated Tomas Tranströmer to Tamil.

Vivekanand Selvaraj likes to call himself a poet and loves to translate poems he wishes he had written himself.

Dear America by Emma Mooney

Emma Mooney is a Scottish poet and novelist. Her novels, A Beautiful Game and Wings to Fly are published by Crooked Cat Books, and her poems and short stories have been widely published in anthologies and magazines. Emma is currently completing her Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Stirling and is working on her third novel. She believes passionately in giving everyone a voice. Find out more at

notes on trains and planes by Priyam Goswami-Choudhury

Priyam Goswami Choudhury is an Assamese poet who lives in Berlin. Her work was shortlisted for the Srinivas Rayaprol Prize for Poetry in 2016 and has appeared in two anthologies of Indian poetry and journals like Rattle, Vayavya, FU Review, The Sunflower Collective, Jaggery and Fearsome Critters (forthcoming).