Current Issue

Issue #37

fin de si├Ęcle by Surendriya Rao

Surendriya Rao is an equivocal member of the South Indian anglophile diaspora, recently transplanted to Brooklyn, New York. He is a poet and practicing lawyer whose work has appeared in Rattle (Poet’s Respond) and Vayavya. His chapbook “Sitting Shiva” was shortlisted for a Kingdoms in the Wild 2019 Poetry Prize. He can be found at

Two Poems by Misbah Ansari

Misbah Ansari is an 18-year-old from Thane, India, and takes a keen interest in literature, public speaking, and pop culture. Her works have been published in The Hindu, Feminism in India, Bombay Review, Coldnoon, Esthesia Magazine, Young Bhartiya Foundation, and the Live Wire before.

A Document of Water by Anjali Bhavan

Anjali Bhavan is an engineering undergrad. Her work has appeared/is forthcoming in Speaking Tree, Porridge Magazine, Coldnoon Journal, Allegro Poetry Review, Sooth Swarm Journal and TERSE. among others. She currently writes according to her moods, and looks forward to oddball experiences. Her website is