Current Issue

Issue #48

Three poems by Anesce Dremen

Anesce Dremen is a U.S. writer who studied in China with the Critical Language Scholarship and Gilman Scholarship. As an abuse survivor, first-generation college student, and tea enthusiast, Anesce’s work explores silence, dreams, and culture. She is a Fulbright ETA in India and The Quarantine Train’s international coordinator. @WritersDremen

Threading My Eyebrows in New Orleans by Saheli Khastagir

Saheli is a writer, painter, and international development professional from India, based in New Orleans. You can visit her website at

The Sanskari Bahu by Ravneet Bawa

Ravneet Bawa is a marketing research scholar from Mumbai. She is the host of the conversational poetry podcast Ellipsis, now in Season 2. She has previously published poetry in Asia Writes, DWL’s magazine Papercuts, Coldnoon, and others. She was shortlisted for the Poetry Society of India’s All India Poetry Competition 2016.

Three poems by Kashvi Chandok

Kashvi is a Literature student from New Delhi. Her poetry usually deals with themes of resistance, injustice of language, grief, and residual catharsis. Her poems have been published in The rights collective, Rust and Moth literary journal, The Lit review, amongst others. She’s also currently running her own magazine by the name of The Remnant Archive.

Two poems by Kenneth Pobo

Kenneth Pobo has new poems forthcoming in Pittsburgh Poetry Journal, Cypress Poetry Journal, Adelaide Magazine, and elsewhere. Meadlowlark Press will publish his book called Lilac And Sawdust.

Two poems by Sambhu R.

Sambhu R. is a bilingual poet from Kerala. He is Assistant Professor of English at N.S.S. College, Pandalam. His poems in English have appeared in Borderless Journal, Madras Courier, Shot Glass Journal, Verse of Silence, The Alipore Post, and others. His poem “Umbrellas & Homicide” was recently selected for publication in the Yearbook of Indian English Poetry in English.