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Issue #50

Alchemy by Kruti Brahmbhatt

Kruti Brahmbhatt is educated in the US and India and holds a Ph.D. in Economics. Her work has appeared in the Forge Literary Magazine, Water~Stone Review, North Dakota Quarterly, and others. She has also received an honorable mention in Glimmer Train’s Short Story Award for New Writers. She is a 2014 Young India Fellow and lives in Ahmedabad.

Fragments of an Account of a Journey to the Lost Plague of Amarpur by Aishwarya Iyer

Aishwarya Iyer teaches at a university in north India. Her first book of poems, The Grasp of Things, will be published by Sublunary Editions in the US & Canada in 2023 and by Copper Coin in the rest of the world in 2022. An early version of this manuscript was shortlisted for the Almost Island Manuscript Competition in 2015. Her poems have appeared in Humanities Underground, Almost Island, Poetry at Sangam, and others.

Three Poems by Kathleen Bryson

Alaskan-born Kathleen Bryson received her Ph.D. in Evolutionary Anthropology from UCL. As a postdoctoral researcher at Oxford, she studies prejudice/empathy. She has had three novels of literary fiction published, most recently The Stagtress (Fugue State Press, 2019). As an artist-filmmaker, she has had ten solo art exhibitions. Check out

Three poems by Karan Kapoor

Karan Kapoor is a poet based in New Delhi. A recent winner of the Red Wheelbarrow Prize, his poems have appeared in Rattle, Atticus Review, G5A Imprint, The Indian Quarterly, Scroll and elsewhere. You can find him at

Universe on a Banana Leaf by Sumit Shetty

Sumit Shetty is a Pune-based web developer and writer. He’s founded the web portal ‘Webisoda’, is an organizer with the Pune Writers’ Group, and usually writes short fiction and poetry. His work has been published in The Alipore Post, The Universe Journal, Gulmohur Quarterly, and Unlost Journal.

Three poems by Anirban Dam

Anirban is a twenty-something parasite that thrives on guilt-free sarcasm and gluten-free poetry.