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Issue #46

I Learned to Fish in My Teenage Years by Sidharth Singh

Sidharth Singh is a writer and freelance journalist. His fiction has previously been published in JaggeryLit, and his bylines may be found in The Wire Science, Newslaundry, and He is currently teaching at Ashoka University. Sidharth is from Dharamshala but currently lives in Delhi.

Three Poems by Siddharth Dasgupta

Siddharth Dasgupta is an Indian writer of poetry & fiction. His literature is fed, among other things, by the ethnicities of desire and the pull of cities both known and foreign. Siddharth has written three books thus far; his words have appeared or are forthcoming in Kyoto Journal, Lunch Ticket, Epiphany, Poetry at Sangam, The Bosphorus Review, Cha, nether Quarterly, and elsewhere.

He has read in places like Mandalay, Bombay, Galle, Lucknow, and Istanbul. Occasionally, Siddharth explores fragments of travel and culture for a smattering of global publications. He lives within the swirling nostalgias of the city of Poona, where he is finessing a novel and two collections of poetry.

Learning Malayalam by Soni Somarajan

Soni Somarajan is a poet, copywriter, editor, and content consultant. His poetry and writing have featured in anthologies, magazines, and newspapers including Muse India, North East Review, Kitaab, The Bangalore Review, Madras Courier, Samyukta Poetry, New Indian Express, Marie Claire, The Four Quarters Magazine, The Alipore Post, and Bengaluru Review. An alumnus of the University of Iowa’s IWP Advanced Poetry Seminar 2013, Soni is the Creative Head at The Quarantine Train – a poetry collective. First Contact, his debut collection of poetry, was published in 2020.